How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara

How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara

Hi, What pasta is it? -Carbonara – Pasta carbonara. It comes from Rome and today we want to show you how to make the real carbonara. We are at Hotel MarcellaRoyal in the city of Rome. From this terrace, we can St. Beautiful terrace, beautiful room, and beautiful Roman people working here. – Thank you – And today I have the pressure, I am under pressure. I’m cooking carbonara for Paola and the members of the Marcella Royal. Paola – Yes you should. I am scared but I’m showing you how to make the authentic perfect carbonara that you can make again for your friends. Okay carbonara, an important rule. Never, never, never put cream. DO you know why? You go to the restaurant and they put cream because carbonara is a dish that you need to cook, serve, and eat straight away. If you wait too long before you eat it gets stuck together. So the cream avoids that. It’s easier for the chef to make it with the cream. It’s a no-no, carbonara with cream. Please don’t make carbonara with cream.Get a large pot like this one, put a little water in there, and then you need a nice amount of rock salt. Look at that, a nice amount of rock salt. Ooh, wow. Now the question is what pasta I using for carbonara. Well, spaghetti. Spaghetti is the classic pasta that you use for carbonara. It’s a dry spaghetti, butI’ve chosen a spaghettoni, big size of spaghetti. I think it absorbs the eggs better. Another pasta you can use is rigatoni. Oh, I’ve seen some chefs using paccheri as well. Avoid other pasta, penne, don’t use fusilli, don’t use egg pasta. And don’t use tagliatelle, pappardelle. It just doesn’t go well with the carbonara. The carbonara likes spaghetti, okay.

So I’m cooking the spaghetti, for, this needs to be cook for about eleven minutes.  See you very soon, okay. Okay, so once the pasta is boiling, what you do? You get the guanciale. This is guanciale, pig cheek. It’s a beautiful piece of meat. It’s cured. How you say this, eh? –  Cured. – Cured and you basically, to cure this the flavors you put inside are garlic, sage, and rosemary. You get enough fat in there to give you the nice oily oil that you need in the pan and beautiful tasty meat. If you can’t find guanciale, pig cheek, use pancetta which is the pork belly and again it’s cured. If you use bacon, it doesn’twork because bacon is smoked, so you get a different flavor and it doesn’t give you the real carbonara flavor. Usually, you should be able not to find with the skin but we are in Rome and that’ show they serve it to you. So we cut the skin, okay. There we go, and then we want to cut the guancialelike this nice and thin ’cause once the guanciale’sthin it’s easier to cut it. So I’m cooking 300 grams of spaghetti for three people and I’m using 150 grams of guanciale, about 50 grams per person. Look how beautiful this is and how amazing it smells. See, I’m cutting the guanciale this size.So, we turn the cooktop on medium heat, you put the pan on top, and then you want to start adding the guanciale inside so when the pan is still cold okay. And what we do is we bring the pan to temperature and then we cook the guanciale slowly. We cook it slowly because we don’t want to burn the guanciale. Yes, you want the guanciale crispy but you also want the guanciale tender in the middle.

Now this, this fat that you see is gonna be coming oil very soon. So this fat will turn into oil and that oil is what gives the flavor to the carbonara. See it’s slowly cooking. I’m slowly cooking the guanciale so the meat is more relaxed and the oil comes out slowly, slowly. Can you see the oil over there? Can you see it? Sometimes you might want to add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Not all the time. Sometimes I like to add it, but look we have a top-quality Roman guanciale. Now over here we’re going to make the sauce. The cream for the carbonara. I’m using four eggs. So I normally use, personally me, one egg for 100 grams of pasta, okay, which is pretty much for one person. So one egg one person, I’m making three hundred grams of pasta so three eggs plus an extra egg.  That’s how I do it. Who knows which one is right? Some Romans say only the yolk. Some Romans say we use the entire egg because in the old days there was no wastage. You use the whole egg. Why would you through away the rest? In modern days, most of the chefs like to use only yolks, but I’ musing the old fashion way. So we break the egg and we make the cream for us, the carbonara cream. Yes, you can. Grate your pecorino, that’s the classic way. pecorino is very strong, you don’t need to add any salt because the salt is there. In the modern days yes, you can use Parmesan cheese, you can mix it with Parmesan. It’s up to you, but again we’re doing the original recipe and I’m using 200 grams of pecorino.

Look how creamy it is already, look. Look at this, look how nice and creamy this is. This is a carbonara cream that you get with four eggs and a lot of pecorinos. So the guanciale is ready, the oil is there. The pasta is ready on this side. See the pasta is been boiling for eleven minutes and now we want to take the pasta and put it in there. Oh yes, baby. And look at what’s happening when you mix water with the pasta. You want some water in there because the pasta water helps to make the sauce. Now the pasta needs to sit for about twenty seconds. We want to get here some more water, about one full spoon of pasta water and we put it in there with the eggs. And this is what is happening now. I’m mixing the cream. Now the water, the pasta water helps to combine the ingredients together.Look at this. Now, what do we do now?  Very low, you can’t make mistakes now. Very low. Add more pasta water in there, okay. Very, very low, and now is the moment where I’m adding the cream. Look at this, Suzanne, look at this. See this cream? This wonderful cream now needs to mix. But you wanna be fast. You don’t want to create scrambled eggs, okay, no scrambled eggs. Mix it fast. The water will help not to create the scrambled eggs but look how creamy this is. Suzanne, look how creamy this is. Look how creamy the carbonara is. Keep mixing it and the reason why we have the cooktop on low is that when we see that this soup becomes cream, we know we’re ready to serve okay. This way guys.- What’s the trick to making it not scrambled? -Well you put the water at the bottom.

I put water just beforeI’m adding the cream. Can you see it? Can you see the pasta was nice and al dente?  Can you see?- Yes – I have plenty of creams? I didn’t use any cream, Suzanne. This is all-natural. Eggs, water, pecorino cheese, and pepper. We’re ready to serve? – Almost. -Huh? Look at that. Look how fantastic this is. Can you see now the bottom here, can you see we have little pieces of pecorino over there. – Yum. – Yeah, I know. Do you know what this means? One more minute and we can serve this yummy carbonara. Look how creamy this is. Look at that, but now this pasta you need to serve it straight away guys. Look how creamy this is, Paola. Look how this carbonara is Paola. Look how creamy this carbonara is. – [Paola] Looks perfect. –  Oh look at that, but more cream on top. Yum yum. Finish it off with pepper. Perfect.  Very good – And now is the moment to serve the carbonara to the director. The director of the Hotel Marcella Royal. Pepper, lots of pepper. Do you like more pecorino? – Yes. More pecorino? – Yes. – Whoa.  Otherwise under the bridge. – Mmmm. – Mmmm. Delicious. – Approved? – Yes!- Yay. Creamy, tasty. – Mmm.  – Oh thank you, thank you, Paola. – You can sleep here. – Yay! Okay so need to try this make sure really is good. Ah, but a little bit more pepper yeah. Creamy. Mmm. Mmm. It’s a nice rich pasta so make love with it.

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