How to Make Quinoa Breakfast Bowls 2 Make-ahead Recipes

Quinoa Breakfast Bowls 2 Make-ahead Recipes

Quinoa Breakfast Bowls 2 Make-ahead Recipes I also want to tell you that we are in fabulous Manhattan Beach, California with these two lovely ladies, Megs and Pegs from Curry Girl’s kitchen. And I actually met them… – In Italy. – In Italy like two years ago.- Two years? – Two years ago now, we did mom and daughter trips there, it was absolutely amazing. And we filmed other videos for our channel, so you’ve probably seen her but you haven’t met Pegs yet. We are in their beautiful kitchen, like I said, in ManhattanBeach, California, and today, we are going to show you how to make two delicious quinoa breakfast recipes. So one of the recipes sweet from their blog and the other one is going to be savory so we’ve got something for everybody. And what we love about this and why we wanted to share it with you guys is that they just use leftover quinoa. So whether you want to make a big batch on the weekend and have it for breakfast all throughout the week, or you make a little bit extra at dinnertime and you have it in the morning, these recipes will take, like, five minutes. – Super easy.- They’re so easy. And they’re so good, and it’s nice to have the sweet and savory option. – And I really love it too, because if you’re a worker bee and you need something ready to go in the morning you can have this already ready to go and out the door.

Yeah, it’s so easy. So we’re going to start with the savory option first and it involves some pesto, so we’re going to show you how to make a really delicious homemade pesto, and we’re also going to top it with a soft-boiled egg. Now I know not all of you enjoy eggs or eat eggs so if you wanted to do, we were talking about a vegan option. – Other options.- Hemp seeds. – Yes.- What else did you recommend? – We said you could do like some scrambled tofu, would be really yummy, you could even put some edamame or a different bean in there in the morning. – And quinoa on its own is already high in protein so you’re pretty much getting what you need anyway. – Seeds. I love adding sunflower seeds with the quinoa is really tasty, like sunflower seeds? That’d be really good. – All right, so the first thing we’re going to do is start with our soft-boiled egg. So we just have one egg here and the recipe, these two recipes just make one serving each, you could totally double, triple, whatever, you could meal prep. So what we’re going to do is just grab our one egg and we’re going to place it gently in a bowl with, a bowl? A pot with boiling water. – [Pegs] (laughs) Yes. And we’re just going to let that sit. So be gentle, make sure that you don’t drop it in there because it might crack. And just let it sit while you prep the rest of the stuff. – And I would cover it if you’re in a bit of a hurry so that it just happens– – Or depending if you don’t like a soft-boiled egg, you want a hard-boiled egg.

That takes longer.- It takes a little longer, and if you cover it, the steaming will cook it through. – Yeah.- Okay. So we’re just going to let that do its thing over there, and we’re going to move over here and make some homemade pesto. – Yay! – So the base of pesto is fresh basil, which we have, a bunch of fresh basil. And I don’t always measure my pesto, I just kind of throw whatever amount of basil I have. So we probably have, I don know, two cups of basil here. And then another great thing that you can do with pesto is you can add greens. We like spinach, you guys make kale sometimes. – We do it with kale, we’ve done it with arugula if you like it a little bit spicier. – [Pegs] Cilantro’s my fave. – [Alyssa] Cilantro is like the go-to. – And then we’re going— Garlic? – to throw in a garlic clove.- Yup, yup. – Okay, and then I’m just going to pulse this real quick. (food processor whirs) – [Alyssa] All right, so you’ve pulled it all up, and then traditionally pesto has pine nuts. – Mmm. – I personally love toasting things beforehand because it gives it a little bit of flavor, but raw pine nuts are absolutely delicious. If you don’t have access to pine nuts, they can definitely be a little bit pricey, you could use walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds. – Hemp seeds.- Hemp seeds. – Pumpkin seeds.- Pumpkin seeds. You can really use anything. – Anything else. – So it’s like quarter cup-ish? (food processor whirs) So we have the basil, the pinenuts, and the garlic in there and now since we are doing this dairy-free we’re going to use a vegan cheese substitute because it traditionally has Parmesan cheese. – And I found this one.- Yeah, what is that one? – This is a cashew grated cheese that I actually found online, haven’t seen it in the store, and it’s a really great product. We shared it with Alyssa.- Tastes really good. – She really liked it. – It’s like ground-up cashews with some nutritional yeast and a few spices, but if you can’t find that, you can totally just use nutritional yeast, I love nutritional yeast. – And honestly, I’ve even made it before where I’ve accidentally left out the nutritional yeast, and if you’re using something like cashew or walnut, it tastes cheesy on its own. – Yeah.- Oh yeah. (food processor whirs) – Okay, and then we’ll just– – Okay, and then the last thing for pesto is just a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. It’s honestly so easy and you kind of just go by feel for pesto.

How to Make Quinoa Breakfast Bowls 2 Make-ahead Recipes I think it honestly just depends on, like, the texture that you like, if you like it a bit more runny, then add a little bit more oil. (food processor whirs) – Okay.- Beautiful! – Oh my gosh, and it just smells so good. – It’s so fragrant. We always double or triple, especially when basil’s in season, we make big batches of it and put it in the freezer, so we’ll get like a non-glass or BPA-free plastic, cover it, coat the top with olive oil to preserve it, and freeze it, you can put it in little ice cube trays so you can have that.- It’s so good, and just like toss it in your pot with pasta or whatever? – Exactly.- Oh my gosh, it’s so good. – It’s amazing. – All right, so… – So we have our pesto, and the next thing we’re going to do is basically just stir a little bit of our cooked quinoa with our pesto. So I use about a cup, maybe I’ll just measure it out for you guys so you can see the exact proportions. So we use about a cup of cooked quinoa, and quinoa will last in the fridge for at least four or five days, so you can totally meal prep this on a Sunday if you wanted. And then, just add it into a little bowl, and then we’ll use some of our pesto, and what I love, just stirring this together, it just makes it really vibrant and pretty and it also just tastes so yummy.

So you can just give it a quick little stir, and then we’re just going to transfer it into our bowl. You could heat this up if you wanted, I kind of like it cold because it’s going to have a warm egg on top and it just, I don’t know, it has such a good little combination of stuff, yeah.- I love that. – It’s so good. And then we’re also going to add in some avocado and our kind of mentioned healthy fats already, healthy fats are so great, especially with a meal that has a lot of carbohydrates, adding in the fats is going to make it a lot more satisfying, it’s going to make it more filling, you’re going to end up feeling more full for longer, and avocado is amazing because it’s also got the fiber in it so it’s just like, oh, avocado is the best. – [Pegs] Well, and what I love about avocado is that not only is it such a great beneficial fat, but it’s so good for your skin. – Mmm, it is. – Like it’s really good, I make it and I love just slathering it in our faces. (laughs) – [Alyssa] Have you guys done like, like make a face mask out of– – I have!- You have to do it yourself! – A do-it-yourself facemask and a hair mask to help with a dry scalp, it’s really good. – We’ll link those down for you guys below. – Yes. – [Alyssa] So once you’ve got your egg peeled, it’s basically just all about putting it on top and then digging right in! So just kind of drop your egg right on top. I love sprinkling it with a few hemp seeds and some pepper. Like we said, hemp seeds are really high in protein again, so if you aren’t doing the egg, add in some little extra form of protein. (gasps)And you guys, look how beautiful this. – Stunning.(Pegs laughs) – And we gotta do the egg poke. – [Pegs] Okay, here it goes. – [Alyssa] Oh yeah, baby! – [Megs] We nailed that. – [Alyssa] Nailed it. (laughter)So good. So as you can see, this literally took us like five minutes, and it’s so good, full of healthy fats, healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, so it’s going to keep you nice and full. Okay, so, we’re going to set this aside and move on to the sweet option, which is, of course, all of these are linked below for you, so if you want to make these recipes at home, you could find the links down in the description box. And again, we’re just going to use some regularly cooked quinoa. – Yeah, so if you, like Alyssa said, making this big batch ahead of time, now we’re going to make another cup or two, depending on how many people you’re making this for.

How to Make Quinoa Breakfast Bowls 2 Make-ahead Recipes We’re going to do it for one, so we’re going to take one cooked cup of quinoa, and this one we just cooked it in water and maybe a pinch of salt, so it’s really plain in flavor. I love it when you’re making quinoa in bulk, leaving it really plain, because you can always season it how you like afterward. – Quinoa’s one of those ingredients where it, like, takes on any flavor. – Exactly. – So yeah, keeping it plain a really great tip. – And then right here I have canned coconut, milk, and I’ve just put it in here, I kind of mixed it up a bit. So I’m going to use both, a little bit, about a tablespoon of the cream, and then some of the milk to just reheat this in.

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