How to Make Oven Roasted Cabbage Tasty Vegetable

How to Make Oven Roasted Cabbage Tasty Vegetable

How to Make Oven Roasted Cabbage Tasty Vegetable Hi everyone welcome I’m gonna share with you a super fast and easy and oh so delicious way to cook cabbage for just about any reason Cabbage, I think is an often overlooked vegetable I think people think it’s smelly and it doesn’t taste that great But if you know how to cook it the right way even if you’re not so much of a cabbage lover I bet you’ll like it this way, so let’s go see how we make oven roasted cabbage Today we’re gonna be making some oven roasted cabbage, and this is because I made a corned beef in the crock pot So that’s going the potatoes the carrots celery and a nice corn beef that I thought out from my freezer stock And I want to make cabbage to go along with it But I don’t want to steam it and I don’t want to throw it in the crock pot I want to cook the cabbage So that it has a nice pure full flavor and the best way to do that is to roast it So I preheated my oven to 375 degrees I got a small head of cabbage and you can see I’ve just kind of sliced it in about 1 inch thickness Depending I mean some of these It’s not rocket science.

So don’t worry about it. Just cut into pieces. It’s you know it’s kind of can to be kind of Scary to slice a cabbage-like that especially if you’re not good with your knife It’s even scary for me, and I’ve been using a knife for a long time so just take your time and kind of run it along and Rotate the cabbage until you can cut through the center, and it should be fine I wouldn’t even worry too much because it’s all gonna get you to know roast And the edges are gonna get a little bit crisp and it’s gonna be delicious So really this is super simple all I’m gonna do is Grab my olive oil here and Don’t worry too much about it. Just toss it on here okay, and then Kind of get your hands in here And then we’re gonna just do the flip side Just kind of make sure that all the surfaces are covered With a little bit of olive oil then do the same on this side and again. Don’t worry too much about them falling apart That’s gonna happen and when you go to serve it you just do it with a set of tongs And then they’re gonna break up and people can take as much or as little as they like and then What we’re gonna do is We’re gonna do salt and pepper. I just have a little kosher salt and some pepper here We’re just gonna hit this Like so And you know you want to give cabbage a lot of flavors.

How to Make Oven Roasted Cabbage Tasty Vegetable I mean it has great flavor on its own, but I feel like Salt is cabbages friend just like salt is potato’s friend I’m gonna hit this with a little onion powder and garlic powder as well, maybe a teaspoon for the whole thing I’m just eyeballing things here, and this is really how I cook when I’m not with you guys, I just put things together and eyeball things a lot So we’re gonna go ahead and roast these in a 375-degree oven for about 30 minutes or until the cabbage is soft And it has a little bit of brownness to it and then when that’s done I’ll bring you back And I’ll show you what it looks like this was in the oven for just about a half an hour And you can see look these are crispity crunchity and they’re perfect now if you like it a little browner Then you can always break up the cabbage before you roast these off and you’ll get more Brown edges Like that and it’ll be great, but the way I’m gonna serve it tonight is I’m just gonna take my knife and cut these slices in half Then we’re just gonna break it up because Everybody can just grab however much cabbage they want and this I think is so much easier than steaming the cabbage And in a cumbersome pot of water plus When you steam it or boil it rather when you boil the cabbage I feel like All that good flavor and some of the nutrients actually get dumped down the drain in the cooking water, right Right this is the piece you really want This piece it’s hot but as a taste Wow is it really good is it like concentrated flavor right oh? My glove Maybe carriage chips, oh that hot new fad.

That’s really delicious mmm Wow I am a cabbage lover anyway from the time I was a child and This is amazing just amazing Really are Put them back in the oven you could put it back in the oven To crisp up if you so chose, but we’re gonna eat this with our corned beef tonight. I have some potatoes and carrots it’s gonna be great a Lot easier to I feel than the traditional way of cooking the cabbage Which is in wedges in the cooking pot? No. Thank you This is just another way on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give this way of cooking cabbage in the oven roasting it until it’s brown and delicious a try And I hope you love it and until next time I’ll see ya go down below and have a look and if you want one for Christmas be sure until Santa I hope you try it, and I hope you love it.

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