How to Make Million Dollar Dip

How to Make Million Dollar Dip

How to Make Million Dollar Dip that’s right do not let the name fool you this stuff is way more affordable than it sounds and it’s only called this because people think it tastes like a million dollars and usually when people say that it’s mostly hyperbole but this time. I think it’s very accurate and appropriate since if I had to choose just one word to describe this it would be rich so with that let’s go ahead get started on what I consider this recipe secret ingredient a big handful of slivered almonds which we’re gonna very lightly toast in a dry pan set over medium heat. I think by toasting them a little bit in this pan before we add them to the dip they’re gonna become a little more savory and pear even better. I prefer to show off and toss them in the pan and in the case to this technique which involved a lot of cheese balls but anyway we will toss those over medium heat for a few minutes until they just start to smell like toasted almonds and maybe they start to get a little touch of golden color but not really too much and then once that happens we’ll go ahead and transfer those onto a place where we will let them cool completely.

Before we add them to the dip and generally when you’re toasted nuts like this you always want to add in one to two extra tablespoons since recent made-up studies show that’s the average amount people will eat as this cools so some to keep in mind and then once that we can move on to the only other thing we’re gonna cook which would be six strips of bacon but as usual, we will start in a cold pan over medium heat and we really do want to take our time here and cook this crisp all right flabby bacon is not something you want to dip and to help you do this properly. I want you to remember the following famous food wishes rhyme when it starts to get foamy your Bacon’s almost done home okay you see that white foam that means almost all the fat is rendered out and once cooled your bacon is gonna be beautifully crisp so whenever I see that it tells me this stuff’s ready to pull out of the pan and we’ll go ahead and transfer that onto a paper towel-lined plate where we will let it cool completely before chopping it up and obviously you can go ahead and chop this up as small as you want but I’m not trying to make bacon dust alright. I’m going for more like bacon bits.

How to Make Million Dollar DipĀ  So I’m gonna stop and it looks a little something like this as the size of those pieces are looking pretty good to me except that one piece that’s a little too big and that’s it once our bacon is chopped we can move on to the rest of our dip ingredients which will include some mayonnaise and then to that we will add a half a pound of sharp cheddar and of course, we’ve graded that ourselves because we’re not crazy and I’m actually using half orange and half white sharp cheddar here for no other reason than I like. the color provides and in case you didn’t know it’s literally the same cheese except that the orange is colored with a little bit of an auto seed which doesn’t alter the flavor and then at this point, we can go ahead and toss in our bacon as well as a whole bunch of thinly sliced green onions and do yourself a favor use a sharp knife for those the flavor will be better and I’m not kidding and then we’ll also go ahead and give it a few shakes of cayenne and that’s it we’ll go ahead and spatulate that until well mixed and while I’m stirring this let me give you a great tip when you dump your toasted almonds on that plate to couldn’t do that on a countertop on the other side of the kitchen otherwise you might not notice it and forget to put it in which of course.

I definitely didn’t here I’m just simulating that to make a point so I’ll go ahead and stop and add those now and continue mixing and that’s it once everything’s been thoroughly combined is technically ready to serve but I wouldn’t okay I highly recommend we wrap this up and chill in the fridge before we serve it. and of course, exactly how long we’ll be up to you I mean you are after all the 1% of how much chilling time is spent but for me, I think it should chill for at least an hour and longer is probably even better and yes overnight is fine so you can make this today before the party no problem but anyway. I’ll let mine chill for a few hours before transferring that into a serving bowl which is hopefully sitting next to a very specific type of cracker you know like the ones they serve at the fancy hotels like the Ritz and normally. I would say taste this for seasoning but you don’t need to alright don’t even waste your time it’s going to be perfect but what we will do once has transferred in is garnished the top of this uttering of green onions as well as a little more crispy bacon and that’s it our million-dollar dip is million-dollar done and speaking a dip before we get into the taste we have to make sure this actually qualifies as a dip meaning it has to be soft enough so we can scoop some up with a cracker without it breaking which this was but just barely so it’s probably not a bad idea to have some kind of knife or spreader near this so that your guests can use that because it is easier and by the end of the party you will have significantly fewer crumbs in this but anyway enough about the texture let’s move on to the taste which really is beyond incredible.

I mean just plain old cheese dipper spread is amazing but when you combine that smoky bacon and the green onions plus the extra richness those almonds provide this really is one of the most delicious and surprisingly decadent spreads or dips you will ever have which is why the name fits so perfectly I mean this truly is in every sense of the word rich oh and if you’re thinking that looks a lot like Neiman Marcus dip well it is it’s the exact same recipe which apparently some point was rebranded but no matter what you call it if you’re ready to have your taste buds taken up to the next tax bracket I really do hope you.

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