How to Make Layered Rice Cake with Red Beans

How to Make Layered Rice Cake with Red Beans

How to Make Layered Rice Cake with Red Beans Hi everybody! Today’s recipe is pat-strut took. Pat-strut took is a rice cake, layered rice cake with red beans. I have been making so many dishes with red beans. Do you remember? (laughs) Why are we all the time using red beans? First: delicious. Red beans are so delicious and also Koreans believe that the red color from red beans wards off all bad spirits. And also when we move to a new house and we don’t know anyone, we make a lot of this strut took. I still remember when we moved to a new house, my mom made this pat-strut took, and then she gave me some and asked me to deliver it next door. They were so happy! And big smiles! And then my mom gave me another plate, just one after another. It was so fun for me and also exciting. Let’s start! We have to start with the red beans.

So we need 2 cups… One… Two cups. I just washed and drained. And I’m going to add 5 cups of water. Medium-high heat. These red beans make this rice cake very special. So making this is very very important. You can’t enjoy this rice cake. Sometimes it’s too mushy. I learned from one of my friends when I lived in Canada. So she showed us this way. Now we have to take care of this rice flour! We are busy! (laughs) One pound dried glutinous rice flour. And I will use all of it. I brought one cup and one-third cup. See? 1 cup of water first. Just mix this. Add water little by little. Like this. This is one-third cup, I will add a half teaspoon of salt here. To make salty water. One-third cup. And just stir this… Mix all this salt. Just mix. Yeah a lot of water we need, don’t we? Do you see some lumps? There are a lot of lumps. And just break this.

Ok next, I’m going to pray a lot of times! I’m using both hands! (water running) Rub my rice flour between my palms. And then just break this. Gently, gently. So some rice flour is still dried. Some rice flour is in a lump, kind of wet. So we have to make it even. It looks like a tedious job, but actually that’s not true. You make this for your baby’s birthday, and then while you are doing this you will never feel it’s tedious. All kinds of good wishes are coming here! Wow, it was really dried. But now it looks good. I feel it’s moist. See? Like that. So my rice flour is well done, now I’m going to refrigerate this until we finish all these red beans. And now this is a plastic bag. Let’s put this rice flour here. Where to go? To refrigerator. (snappy music) 30 minutes passed. And I’m going to turn off. And let’s see inside. See? Still, lots of water here and also the beans are not tender yet. And I will just cover this. Even though there is no heat, but still it will be cooked and these beans will expand. I’m going to let them sit for 1 hour. 1 hour passed. Let’s see! These beans are submerged like this.

How to Make Layered Rice Cake with Red Beans So stir this, make it really soft and tender. Turn on the heat between medium and low. So I’m going to cook this for 30 minutes. Ohh wow oh! Look at that! Well cooked a little bit crushed. We need a half teaspoon of salt. So when you add salt put this in your hand like this. They shouldn’t be mashed too much. In that case, this rice cake doesn’t look delicious. One… Two… Three. And just mix. Very fluffy. Fluffy and it looks so delicious. This is perfectly made. What is siru? Here you go! My siru. It’s made of earthenware. Made of… (echo)(laughs) So you see? Hello hello? (laughs) There are holes in the bottom. Put a cotton cloth and then make layers of red bean, rice flour, red bean, rice flour Until all this is full, then we steam this. This looks so pretty. I bought this in Korea several years ago. When I was walking around the Korean market I found this I thought this was so small because usually, it’s bigger than this. I thought this was so cute. But actually this size is still really huge! I never get a chance to make rice cake using this, so this is my decoration at home! Today we don’t need this siru, just use your steamer.

Follow my directions step by step and you will make Korean pat-sirutteok. This is my steamer, around 2 inches of water poured in here. And I’m going to boil this water. I have to bring it to a boil. And this is my steamer basket. I will just make arrange the rice cake here and then when the water is boiling I will just add this and steam. You guys can use a cake ring. Do you remember? Whenever I make rice cake I use this. Springform. 8 inches. And a large hemp cloth. And I will just put this on the bottom. And then this cake ring. First, let’s add red beans. 1 cup. 1 cup plus quarter cup. Then we have to add sugar.] Sugar 1 tablespoon and just sprinkle. I forgot my rice flour because after the red beans I have to add this rice flour. Put this rice flour in the center. 1 plus quarter cup. Use this name card. 1 cup plus quarter cup. Sugar. I have to clean this. 1 cup plus quarter cup. And… Same. Add this. And a quarter cup. All these are 1 cup plus a quarter cup. I used all the beans and rice flour there is some leftover. You can freeze this and later you can make more rice cake or when you make kimchi, you can just add some water and make porridge. To make kimchi paste you need to make a porridge, right? So you can use this. Don’t ever throw away. And keep in the freezer. With this cloth, cover this. See? The water is boiling. Let’s steam. I steamed this over medium-high heat for 40 minutes. Four-zero. 40 minutes.

How to Make Layered Rice Cake with Red Beans After that, I’m going to turn down the heat to low Between medium and low, and then 20 more minutes. Total: 1 hour. (timer rings) And then I’m going to turn down the heat. Between medium and low. So 20 minutes later, all done! (bouncy music) Ok, done! (laughs) Open… Oh my smells so good! Do you see? The red bean color is more vivid! So totally cooked. This is really really hot. This is a springform so I can easily… This is still hot, so not easy to separate. But I will try. Do you see? This is my bowl, ceramic bowl. And I’m showing you how to do a presentation. Without buying a special cake plate. And a large plate, on top like this. It’s a kind of centerpiece for the birthday table. Cool, isn’t it? And then I’m making tea, this is Yuja tea, Yuja-cha. Rice cake… This rice cake is still warm So it’s very soft. But as time goes by, around 3 hours later, it will be really chewy. Mmm! This is so delicious! Pat-sirutteok! That’s it, that’s what I’m looking for, the taste! A little bit sweet, so if you guys need more sugar, just sprinkle more sugar. Just like I used to have.So delicious! Oh my! This Yuja tea really goes well with this rice cake, pat-sirutteok. Make this for your loved ones’ birthday or celebrate something with your friends. Today we made Pat-sirutteok. Layered rice cake with red beans.

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