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How To Make Keto Salmon Patties

What’s up everybody this is Lyleno hippie barbecue when I was inspired to make this recipe by a website by the name now the recipe that they originally came up with was fourcrab cakes and I figured it would be a nice adaptation to turn this into a ketosalmon recipe so that’s what we’re gonna doit’s a very simple recipe I did make a few adjustments to other youringredients and we’ll discuss those when we get into these ingredients so beforewe get into these ingredients I want to let you know that I will be having theoriginal recipe in the description below along with any changes that I made theirrecipe was based on eight ounces of meat I’m going to be going with about a poundand a half of salmon so my recipe that I’m using right here is going to beadjusted for that but like I said the original recipe is going to be in thedescription below so this is our pound and a half of salmon and this is gonnabe for my dogs right here and their recipe they used onions I’m using somechopped shallots and their recipe they used red peppers which I have here andI’m also adding some orange peppers as well we have our egg mayonnaise butterpepper and they used the regular oil-based seasoning I’m going to beusing an old bay rub it’s just a little bit different than the Old Bay seasoningand we’re gonna be binding it with some almond flour those are all theiringredients you’re really gonna need for this I will be making a homemade tartarsauce.

I’m gonna cook this salmon until it’s done I don’t want toovercook it so we’re gonna be cooking it to about just under full done and I’mnot going to season it before we cook it it’s gonna go in the oven right now forprobably fifteen minutes and 350 degrees changesI’m going to make to this recipe that they didn’t do in theirs cuz I am goingto saute our shallots and our peppers before we make our salmon cakes and reallythat’s just to make it a little bit easier for those salmon cakes to kind ofhold together without any of those vegetables poking through so we’re justgoing to cook them down until they just become just a little bit softer so we’velet these vegetables cook for about three minutes and if I didn’t mention itearlier I am cooking this in about a tablespoon and a half of butter now thatthey’re softened we’re just gonna set them aside and let them cool off oursalmon should be cooked in about another ten minutes and once that’s done gettingcooked I’m gonna let that salmon cool down as well just to make it easier tohandle it’s had a chance to cook it’s cooled down and while I was waiting forit to cool down I went out and checked the mail and guess what showed up in themail I am going to add some of thisto this recipe just to kind of spice it up a little bit anyway Kent I’d like tothank you for sending this to me now really to complete this all that we needto do is add all of our ingredients so.

I already have my salmon in the bowl goahead and throw these eggs in our vegetables our manis almond flour pepperand I’m gonna eyeball these seasonings this is our old bay and now some of this extra extra hotpepper blend Kent I don’t okay it is hot from what I could smell right now my bedsure if it has anything else in it but I’m getting a dried habanero smell outof this I’m gonna recover from adding this these peppers in here we’ll getmixing it up so I can attest to you that this is some hot stuff here I’m tellingyou I’m sniffling and everything right now just smelling it so I know this isgonna bring some heat now all I’m doing now is I’m mixing it up trying toincorporate everything in together and once I have it mixed in completelyI’m going to form my salmon patties and set them on some wax paper or something thatit’s not gonna stick too far as forming these patties though you can make themas big as small as you want I’m gonna freehand these and I’m just going forsomething a little bit on the smaller side so about that big right there sothese are good to go looks like I have a little bit left over we’ll get to theselater in the meantime I’m gonna get my skillet heated up get some butter meltedthen we’ll get cooking these off some butter this melted in a skillet my skillset about medium-high and I have a generous amount of butter in here reallyall that we need to do is cook these until they are browned on both sides andI’m just going to do four of these for now my wife is out.

Christmas shoppingright now hopefully not spending a bunch of money and my skillet is a littlewobbly so I’m gonna do that we’re gonna cook these until weget golden brown he’s been cooking for about two and a half minutes I just wantto take a look and see what they’re looking like it looks good to meperfect another two and a half minutes on this side and it should be a wrap sothese are cooked an additional two and a half minutes on the other side I’msetting them on a plate with the napkin just so some of that butter will drainoff I’m gonna plate up get my big head boy up here we’ll do a taste test and hedoesn’t know I added all that hot pepper to it so we’ll see if he what he saysand the taste test so it’s a wrap this time for me andEddie Van Halen to get in here and get in on this taste test as you can seethat head is so big it doesn’t even fit all the way in the screen but anywayjust get you one of those little salmon patties you know a little slice squeeze a littlebit on there just get you some tartar saucelike I said tartar sauce recipes it’s gonna be in the iCard above in thedescription below all right it’s enough with school taste it and let me knowwhat you think mmm that fish is still nice and tenderon the outside crisp to it it’s got some heat to it and we keep this dance toabout be good no hippie BBQ time that not tiny notice and the lemon gives thatnice bitterness and that tartar sauce is perfectwell I had a guy from a YouTube channel called Danny Dutch BBQ send me thatthose hot papers anyway Kent nice little heat in this notoverpowering there was a little bit worried when I was adding it earlierbefore I take another bite I do want to thank you guys for stopping by no hippieBBQ How To Make Salmon Patties Best Salmon Cakes Recipe

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