Chili Recipe How to Make Homemade

Chili Recipe How to Make Homemade

My recipes said he wanted to do his take on that  I’m gonna do my rendition of that I gotout of it was to use some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in the chili nowthis is something that I use quite a bit I just never thought to use it in chiliso we’re gonna rock it out on this one now if you haven’t stopped by and seen Dan at hog wild barbecue listen he’s a very newI have a little bit over 30 pounds ofribeye steak and this is partially frozen and we’re gonna kind of slicethis up cube it up we have some poblano peppers and I have that kind of roastedI’m gonna leave the skins on that it’s gonna have a chance to break down duringthe cook some Mexican oregano some onions listen if you’re making chili andyou ain’t rockin with that dark chocolate you’re missing out so we gotsome of that some jalapenos garlic I like the little kind of sweetness to mychili so we’re going to be hitting it with a little bit of this Splenda forall you people out there trying to limit your carbs a little bit some Splendabrown sugar some bitter than bouillon beef bouillon the best herb out therelisten cilantro we’re going to be hitting it up with someadding a little depth of flavor with some cinnamon sticks we got some cuminand a little.

We’re going to hit it with alittle bit of salt and we’re gonna cook this until it’s about 3/4 of the waydone we’re gonna remove it and set it aside so this meat has been cooked and it’sstill a little pink we’re gonna remove it now and now that we have the meat out we’regoing to add our onions and our jalapenos we’re going to cook this downuntil they become a little softened become softened now we need to do isblend up these peppers so I’m going to start off with one can of this chipotlein adobo sauce and I’m gonna just take the stem out of these peppers that Ihave roasted I’m leaving the seeds and everything in there and I have ourgarlic that’s about nine closes varlet I will have the entire recipe andestimated amounts that I am using in the description below let’s blend this up sonow this is blended up I’m gonna just start off with this for now we’re gonnapour it in our pot we’re going to add our beer at this point and I’m gonnathrow it in here just to get rid of all this goodness it might be left in there it’s good enough.

I may not need thatother kin Mexican oregano and I’m highballing it these cinnamon sticks that’s enough for cilantro some ground cumin we’ll get to this chart dark-chocolatedown the road let’s stir it up see what else we need it is gonna need a littlebit more of this beer we’re gonna go with the rest of the bottle now I’mgonna bring this to a simmer I’m just gonna taste it see kind of where we’reat as far as flavor goes once I have that set kind of around where I wantwe’re gonna go ahead and add that extra dark chocolate in then we’re gonna getit in the stove now the reason that I didn’t took the meat out is have youever eaten like some kind of a pot roast or something where it almost seems likeall the fat has been cooked out of it and it almost seems dry that’s why Iwill remove that so we’re gonna once I’m done with this step and getting ourchocolate in it’s gonna go in the oven 375 for two hours and then after thesecond hour we’re gonna add the meat back to it and let it go for anotherhour you know one thing I forgot forgot our Splenda brown sugar I’m gonna callthat a quarter of a cup all right turn my burner back on get it simmer broughtthis to a simmer.

I just tasted it looks like we’re good to go on flavor I’mgonna add about a half a teaspoon or just under a teaspoon of that betterthan bouillon beef bouillon and our chocolate we’re gonna let that go for aboutanother five minutes let that chocolate melt in then we’re gonna take it overthe oven 375 for two hours this chili just came out of the oven after being inthere for two hours and one of the reasons I like doing it in the oven asopposed to just in a pot on the stove is that it heats more evenly it’s not justcoming from the bottom and you can tell I mean look at how rich this looks righthere so our last step throw in our ribeye steak we could have mixed it upjust gonna go back in the oven for another hour maybe hour and 20 minutesand this should be around here we are right out of the oven and this islooking good now I’llhead gamejr over here to get in on this go ahead and taste it mmm that’s reallygood what are you tasting that a little bit of sweetness a little bit ofbitterness it’s got some great heat to it and that pork is so tender it’samazing well it’s beef but listen that beef isthat tender mm-hmm anyway this is the first time I’ve actually made chili withthose uh chipotle peppers in adobo sauce so

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