How to Make Best Kale Recipe – Mexican Kale

How to Make Best Kale Recipe – Mexican Kale

How to Make Best Kale Recipe – Mexican Kale dish so you want to be nutritious kale but you want some flavor that’s it we could sellthat tagline to the marketing people in kale industries all right all right ifyou want to be nutritious KALE so you got a bunch of kale you’ve already gotthis washed up really well right the grits gone yeah otherwise if you don’twash your kale you end up with a mouthful of dirt grit yeah … it canruin the whole dish and the good thing about this recipe is you’re going to usethe leaf and the stem and because we have cumin and we have chilipowder you don’t have to worry some people worry that kale stems have a verystrong flavor maybe even bitter you put the right seasonings with it that’s okaybut what’s nice is we’re going to cut this up into small pieces we’re going tocook it with our onion and our red pepper so this is the worst part it’sjust it can take you a little while if you’re like me it takes you forever tochop things I’m not a fast chopper so we’re just going to put thestems in one container and then just sort of crimp up get all yourfrustrations and rip up the kale we’re going to put it in a pan and what we aregoing to do we’re going to get all the leaves together and then we’re going to put just a little bit of saltit just helps it to moisten so that again if you’ve had raw kale oh it canbe a little tough so you think I want the nutrients but come on it’s tough sowe’re going to prepare it with salt.

So we just have one bunch and you can see that mayeven be too much salt but you just add a little bit and then you just slide it inand then you let it rip while you’re doing the rest of what you need to dokale is a very tense vegetable it holds a lot of anxiety in it’s shouldersso if you just massage it for a little while it’ll ease up and relax and becomesuper tasty be happy food so you got your kale already prepared you’vegot your corn and your beans rinsed and drained and your onions and your cilantro and garlic chopped up…you want to have all that stuff chopped upbefore you get going because once you start sauteing thisisn’t going to take too long so you’re going to heat your oil in a skillet andthen put it on medium to medium-high heat if you’re unsure if theoil is hot enough just put a little piece of what you’re going tosaute in the pan if it sizzles it all it’s ready in goes the onion and the red pepper and kale stems sowe’re just going to saute these ingredients up for a minute so theybecome a little softer and release some of the flavor but don’t be afraid…if you have your kale pieces as big as we do, they’re not gonna give like the onion and red pepper …we’retrying to get the onions where they’re starting to become translucentyour kale looks a little darker then we’re going to add the other ingredientsjust going to add in your corn and your black beans …then the garlic and the cilantro stem and we’re going to add in a few seasonings.

How to Make Best Kale Recipe – Mexican Kale So we’ve got cumin we’ve got some chili powder and we’ve got some pepper I like to add the garlic after I saute the bigger vegetables… that way doesn’t cook to death…they have a little more the flavor that comes through stir it around a little bit we’re going to turn it down a little… to medium… I’m going to cover it and let it cookjust like this without the kale for three to five minutes almost done okayso we’ve let all of these great flavors merge all you have to do now did youhave some cilantro and you can always have some extra to garnish I think freshcilantro is always right … so this is the leafy part the stems you addedwith the garlic -exactly- and now we’re going to dump all this kale on the topit’s going to release its moisture you seenow it’s very soft and wilted because of that salt and now you’re just adding itto the top of the pan and you’re not really cooking it with thebeans in the corn …. we throw the leafy vegetables on top and now we canjust neglect it …we’re going to basically let the saute items steam through the kale soyou can neglect it while you’re getting anything else you want together we’rejust going to keep it really low maintenance we’re goingto have some cherry tomatoes and some avocado so we’re letting ourkale get steamed by the sauteed look how dark the kale is it’s beautifulso we’ve mixed it all up and this is where you can do your taste test just decide hey do I need anything else added it’s good …. I am going to add just a little more salt can come in and such sneaky places even this particular can of corn that we have I realized when we were using it …. it has salt so it’s good to get a taste test because you donat always know where you might get something like salt

So I just add a little more salt and again look at that even within these few minutes that we’ve been blabbing look at how much the kale has shrunk so you think a bunch of kale is too much kale but look now it just Peaks out in between the corn and the beans so we’re going to have a food stylist contest to see who makes the best plate look how pretty that is…looks like a work of art… look at your plate… I don’t know …that looks like a spider attacking we’re going to serve this kale and bean and corn dish with a little avocado and some tomato … so we’re turning what could easily be a side dish into our entree we’re trying to become the beautiful people… the kale hasn’t been overcooked but it’s super soft you know… it’s not that prickly kale not the kale of your nightmares …it’s the tale of your dreams …so gives it a try let us know what you think and bone Appetit!

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