How to Make Ba’corn Cheesy Bacon Corn Gratin

How to Make Ba’corn Cheesy Bacon Corn Gratin

How to Make Ba’corn Cheesy Bacon Corn Gratin that’s right if you like bacon and you like corn you areabsolutely gonna love this cheesy jalapeno and bacon spike creamed cornwhich I’m officially presenting as a side dish but truth be told I actuallyate this all by itself and it really was magnificent so I think next to like asalad this would be a great main course also and by the way other than the baconthis is pretty much a vegetarian dish so with that let’s go ahead and get startedby adding a half a pound of bacon to this dry skillet which is overmedium-high heat and the first thing we’re gonna want to do here is cook thisstirring occasionally until it’s almost but not quite cooked crisp and as you’llsee most of the fats gonna render out which we will then use to cook our otheringredients in and if there’s one thing I know about other ingredients isthey’re cooking them in bacon fat is almost always a great idea so like Isaid we’ll go ahead and cook our bacon until almost crisp and while we’rewaiting for that to happen let’s go ahead and talk corn and this is one ofthose recipes that will work equally well whether you shave these kernels offfresh corn or just thaw and drain some frozen corn like I’m doing here in factif it’s early in the season the frozen corn might actually work better sincethey’ll be a little sweeter but either way we’re gonna need about two poundsand then what we’ll do once our bacon is almost but not quite crisp is go aheadand add about half of our corn in which we will then lightly toast in this hotbacon fat and of course since I love to give you options for this step you couldadd all the corn or none of the corn.

How to Make Ba’corn Cheesy Bacon Corn Gratin But I like to split the difference and toastsome of it just to provide a little extra sweetness and bring out some ofthose subtle caramel II notes but anyway you decide but personally like I said Ilike to do about half and cook it until those kernels just start to take on alittle golden brown color and then once that happens we’ll go ahead andintroduce the rest of our vegetation including a whole bunch of minced garlicas well as some sliced green onions mostly the light and white parts and wecan save those darker green parts to garnish later and then for somebeautiful bittersweet heat we will toss in a couple diced jalapeno peppers andstir all this together and then what we should do is cook this for about threeor four minutes or until those veggies start to softenand Sweeden up oh and you may have noticed I didn’t drain off any of thatbacon fat when we cook the bacon okay I wanted to make sure we had plenty tosaute all the rest of the stuff which we definitely did which means we canprobably get rid of some of that fat now if we want and a great trick for doingthat while we’re cooking with stuff still in the pan is to just sort of pusheverything off to one side and then by simply taking a wadded up paper toweland some tongs we can tilt the pan which will have the excess oil running to thatend where it can be quickly and easily absorbed so feel free to do that at anypoint during the cooking process and then the other thing we can do while ourveggies are cooking is go ahead and add our seasonings which will include somekosher salt some freshly ground black pepper and of course the obligatoryshakes of cayenne and we’ll go ahead and stir all that in and we’ll continue onmedium-high until we think our veggies have cooked long enough at which pointwe’ll go ahead and introduce our heavy cream and by the way the recipe whichinspired this actually uses mayonnaise and sweetened condensed milk instead ofcream which seemed a little overly rich for me and what’s the word I’m lookingfor insane.

How to Make Ba’corn Cheesy Bacon Corn Gratin So it sounds kind of funny to say but we are actually doing a lighterversion by using heavy cream but any way we’ll continue stirring at cooking until we’re surethat’s all heated through and then once we’re positive that’s happen what we’lldo is turn off the heat and stir in a lot of cheese and I’m going with onepart mozzarella to two parts Monterey Jack although as usual please usewhatever cheese as you want I mean you are after all the JasonBourne of this cheesy Bay corn but the original recipe just uses mozzarella soI thought I would semi honor that with the addition of some Monterey Jack whichis kind of like thing I learned about this recipe is that if you wantthe cheese all nice and stringy and stretchyyou have to brown the top and serve this immediately because if you wait like anhour like I did you will not experience the same effect is yourabout to see but anyway whether you wait or do it right away we’re gonna go aheadand finish the top of cheese before browning it and here you can see medoing this very intricate pattern that I thought would look super cool but asyou’re about to see once it was brown you could not tell I did this so yesthis was a complete waste of time but you know what I regret nothing I meancome on we got to try things even if they don’t end up working ok the attemptis still heroic.

So I went ahead and cheesed the top and then finished up with one last dusting of cayenne and that’s it once that said we’ll go aheadand pop that in a very hot oven or preferably under a broiler for aboutfive to ten minutes or until everything is heated through and the top isbeautifully browned and hopefully looking a little something like thiswhich I think looks amazing and really doesn’t need a garnish but if we havesome of those green onion tops around we might as well slice those up and throwthem on besides it’s a proven scientific fact that eating raw onions even a smallamount helps prevent disease so keep that in mind if you’re one of these Idon’t like onions people I mean you should still do it for your family andthat’s it our bake horn is done and ready to enjoy probably as a side dishbut I didn’t actually have any other food to serve next to this so I justwent ahead and ate this all by itself and it really was fantastic oh and likeI said if you let this sit that cheese loses all its trina’s and it basicallyjust sort of dissolves into the cream to form one of the best cheesy saucesyou’ve ever had and of course all that bacon and jalapeno don’t hurt in factI’m going to switch to a spoon.

So I can get more of that stuff and every single ingredient in this from the cheese to the green onions to our peppers and bacon are just absolutely perfect pairings with sweet corn I mean it really does not get much better than this so basically this is my new all-time favorite creamed corn recipe oh and by the way if it’s still piping hot texture is going to be fairly loose but has this cools it will thicken up which will make this even more side-dish like and this stuff would be perfect served room temperature at a picnic or a barbecue but anyway that’s it a little something we call baked corn and by week all I mean of course the bun shop in LAcalls it that which is where the original recipe that inspired this is from but anyway clever names aside this is a beautiful delicious and easy to make corn side dish that’s equally amazing hot warm orroom temp which is why I really do hope you give it a try soon so head over tofood whooshes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usualand as always enjoy you

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