How to Make Atta Panjiri Recipe

How to Make Atta Panjiri Recipe

How to Make Atta Panjiri Recipe flour sweet panjiri when we go to collect flour sweet panjiri from the market, we get very expensive so let’s see how to make the same panjiri register house. I put the big frying pan on the stove whenever we make panjiri, pinni ladoo, we need the use of big pot. that’s why you also use a big pot. first of all, I pour desi ghee in a hot pan. desi ghee has melted. first, I fry the half kg walnuts inside the hot desi ghee. walnuts that eliminate 100 types of diseases. eating walnuts will brighten your mind we can use walnuts on headache and in eye pain. we put the fry walnuts in a separate pot. when we fry the walnuts, it tastes increase. if we fry the walnuts, cashew, and almonds on the inside of the panjiri, then their taste will increase 10 times. machine 250 gm makhana adding makhana gives a creamy taste inside the panjiri or pinni. in winter, the elderly have joint pain, eating makhani can relief from joint pain. we put the fried makhana in a separate pot. machine absorbs desi ghee inside. all the ghee was poured into them. desi ghee gives benefits for the body, so we should eat desi ghee. some people do not eat desi ghee during dieting. now we’ll put the almonds for frying. 500 gm almonds after frying the almonds, there is a very good flavor in them and I like the fried badam very much.

Especially in panjiri and pinni, I like it very much I used karakas (Butea Frondosa) in the panjiri I made last year. not used karakas in this year, I used kamarkas last year because I needed it so much that I had a cesarean operation. I used kamarkas so I don’t have back pain this winter most women have back pain. I have no back pain after delivery. although I had a cesarean operation. there is an injection in the waist which causes a lot of trouble but I have no pain in my back because of it my suggestion is that the new delivery has been done. they must use kamarkas in the panjiri. what is the sign of roasted almonds, they will grow in size and will crack from the middle. you see the badam starts to crack from the middle. I added desi ghee to fry cashews put cashew nuts to fry in desi ghee. 500 gm cashews we will also fry them. you can see that cashew nuts started to roast well. I’ll roast them a little longer so that they have a little pink inside. there are too many calories inside cashew. cashew nuts are ready now put them in a separate vessel. now I put 250 grams of gond for frying this gond is very good for health while buying gum in the market, it should not be smelled after smelling to it. the gond is also ready for frying. now put it in the pot. 250 gm magaj (melon seeds) magaj seeds are very good for the health of the brain. would be very powerful. a small child must be given panjiri with milk. must be fed in winter from next year my child will also eat this panjiri. now my magaj seeds are also fried and ready.

How to Make Atta Panjiri Recipe I putting the magaj seed in the cashew nut plate. I lot of desi ghee which is very good for health. my father was saying that you have not panjiri, laddu for so many days. so we went to the market yesterday, taking panjiri material from there. today I am making the panjiri. the weather has changed and the rain is coming the weather was very nice at first. I can not tell you. inside the hot ghee, I have added wheat flour. I will put in the flour little by little taking 3 kg in the flour. I take the full strength of the fellow to create the panjiri. the eater only gets the taste. only you know what makes. I put 2 kg more flour taking 3 kg of flour 3 kg of desi ghee making the panjiri. I always make panjiri in desi ghee you guys should also make all the panjiri in desi ghee. panjiri does not form inside the dalda ghee nor does it have any strength inside it. see now our flour starts cooking. should run well in hand otherwise, our flour is not fully cooked I have added a little more desi ghee. the flour seemed a bit hard. now kadhi will turn well.

So all help is done wheat flour is completely ready got all the stuff in this hot dough I got the crushed cashew badam walnut in this flour mixture Desi Khand {unrefined sugar} used inside the panjiri Desi Khand is good for health as it not being processed with sulfur. when the panjiri cooldown, desi Khand will be mixed inside it. little by little add the dry fruit mixture ground the gond gond eating gond brings strength to the body I will put the crushed machine in between them. pouring makhani leads to the creamy taste gond and the machine has to be mixed hot. some dry fruits were kept without crushing. some people say in Punjabi we become Bhatinda watch now the wheat has cooled down, now we will mix desi hand inside it. I will mix the desi hand a little bit. I mix desi hand with my own hands this panjiri is very beneficial for our body good desi ghee is made only then

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