How to Make Amazing Cherry Strudel

How to Make Amazing Cherry Strudel

How to Make Amazing Cherry Strudel This is the original made with our own homemade strudel dough, But let’s start with that cherry filling I’ve got four cups of tart cherries To which I’ll add two cups of sugar And I want to simmer this for 10 minutes and infuse some flavor by adding two cinnamon sticks While that simmers, We’ll make the strudel dough So I start with a cup and a half of all-purpose flour In addition to the all-purpose flour, I need to add Bread flour a cup of it, and it’s that gluten that’s gonna give us the stretch that allows us to stretch this strudel dough as thin and as wide and long as we possibly can To this I’ll add a quarter teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water Three tablespoons of vegetable oil I like vegetable oil in the dough because it stays nice and pliable Then the very last ingredient Is a half a teaspoon of cider vinegar The intense acidity helps promote the stretch of the glutens within the dough When kneading it and when stretching it out So now I’ll work this on a low speed To incorporate the ingredients and then increase the speed just by one speed to start kneading it.

I keep my hands floured You can see how soft it is So just with a back-and-forth motion Push the dough forward Turn it 90 degrees, pull it back And then keep repeating that motion So you’re maximizing the stretch within the flour So you have to let this dough relax for a full hour But you want to keep it at room temperature It stretches easily when it’s still a little one I’ll just set this aside to rest and then I can pickin up the cherry filling in the meantime Now that the filling has had time to simmer I can pull out the cinnamon sticks and I simply used corn starch to thicken up the cherry filling I use three tablespoons of corn starch You can’t add corn starch dry to a hot mixture It’ll just clump up You have to create what’s called a slurry and that’s a mixture of the corn starch With some cool water, not warm water I just mix that with a little fork just a couple tablespoons And now I can pour this liquid into the cherry filling It’s great to watch this transformation When you pour in the corn starch It makes the whole mixture cloudy But once it hits 212 F, that’s when corn starch activates And it turns all beautifully clear and shiny And then you take it off the heat, and you want to cool it down at the very least to room temperature But you can make this filling a day ahead and work with it cold from the fridge.

So now I have a chilled cherry filling And I have a batch of the strudel dough that’s now fully relaxed So now for the fun part stretching out the strudel pastry The tool of choice for stretching a strudel dough is a tablecloth By spreading it out on your work surface You have a nice even flexible space with a dusting of flour Your strudel dough won’t stick and it makes rolling up the filled strudel so easy And my friend Mia, a fellow pastry chef Showed me this trick when you’re starting to stretch your strudel dough Throw it around a little bit, and it starts the stretching and now a little patience But start working from the middle to the outer edges I like to use the back of my hands, and you just keep working and stretching Be gentle If you don’t feel it moving Just let it relax again remember with every stretch, you’re reworking those glutens again, so just take your time And when I hit a certain point of stretchiness I’ll actually use the corner of the table and hook it on to the edge of the table There we go, I think we’re in good shape here I’ve got 1/3 of a cup of melted butter Now i like to just do this free form get my hands in there and pour the butter Over the surface of the pastry and you can use a brush Or just massage it in with your hands But the added element is the sprinkling of breadcrumbs Phyllo pastry is drier than this soft tender strudel dough.

How to Make Amazing Cherry StrudelĀ  So you need the bread crumbs to keep the rolled layers of the pastry separate And now for the cooled cherry filling I spread that along one end of the strudel pastry And now for the fun part The first roll, I fold over beautiful delicates strudel dough over the cherry filling Because you don’t want to compact the strudel too much. Just the loose lifting of the tablecloth Rolls it beautifully And actually use the cloth to lift the strudel over And then consistent with the other strudels I made an egg wash brush On the surface, promotes browning and shine And now to the oven for 40 to 45 minutes at 375 F Oh! Beautiful You can just tell by looking at it, how flaky it’s going to be Now you have to let your strudel cool for about 20 to 30 minutes before you slice it Mostly because the filling is so hot I have a strudel that’s had that time to chill I like to plate it But before that A strudel is not complete without a generous dusting of icing sugar on top I like to use a bread knife to cut through the flaky layers On an angle if you can And there it is You can see all those distinct flaky layers.

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