Healthy Pumpkin Seeds Snacks

Healthy Pumpkin Seeds Snacks

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen This time I had shown you many things like this That we throw them in the dust bin We had made many dishes from that waste products There are some things that we throw in the dust bin We don’t know the benefits of those waste products That I will share it with you You will definitely like it Today I am using Pumpkin We generally have it It is healthy and tasty also And the seeds present in it We throw the seeds in the dust bin And it is so healthy That we throw them in the dust bin By using these seeds We can make a very tasty Namkeen (Snacks) Very tasty Namkeen will be ready by using this So these seeds are not so unclean It is easy to make these seeds clean And we will peel these seeds Without peeling the seeds, we will make the Namkeen (Snacks ) Now first of all we will make the seeds clean It has bunches like this It is like the wool There are so many seeds in it I had put it in the water We will first separate the thick bunches from it And there are so many benefits of these seeds You can search its benefits on Google and you will be so shocked That the seeds we throw in the dust bin It is very beneficial for us It is for Hair Growth For Skin For so many diseases For weight loss It is very good for all these You can see, we had separated the thick part from it Now the seeds left in the bowl We will put them in the strainer Wash the seeds with the fresh water and the water Don’t drain the water You can use the waste water in the plants .

So in this way, we washed them Now put it on the towel like this And then wipe the seeds properly with the towel The remaining particles in it That will be cleaned in this way And keep it for 1-1.5 hrs below the fan Or you can keep it in the sunlight as well The particles will have remained on this towel And we will get cleaned seeds See! We will take the seeds from the towel And must have some moisture in it But it should not be so wet But if you don’t want to make it Only you have to preserve it So you can keep it by making it dry like this Like if you want to preserve it So you can make them more dry Then you can preserve it You can keep it in a bottle A packet of Dry Pumpkin Seeds is available online and it is costly And we have to eat it regularly So you can buy it online as well if the seeds are not available with the Pumpkin So it is available online also so you can buy it And these are dry seeds These are little extra dry These are dried seeds And these are little less dried seeds And we make dry these seeds right now I had kept it for 2 hrs Now I will show you that how to make it in pan And I will show you that how to make it in convection also That means I will show you, how to make it in a tray in the OTG Now we will start making it We will take a pan And we can use 2 things to roast the seeds Actually we can use 3 things You can use Olive Oil Or you can take Butter Or Pure Ghee According to me, use Pure Ghee or Olive Oil If you have Olive Oil then use it.


I am taking some Olive Oil in the pan We will take 2 tsp of Olive Oil in the pan And then we will put the seeds in it Put the flame medium Infact put the flame low to medium And we will make it slowly and slowly We will take a tray of OTG We will take some Oil And we will put the remaining seeds in it We will mix the seeds with the Oil like this We will put the OTG for pre heating At 180 degree And And it will take 5-7 mins or even it may take 10 mins also Because these are little wet If it were dry then it would be roasted quickly You can check it in between The seeds of Water melon and Musk melon So the thick seed is covered by the peel But in these seeds The cover is so thick But the seeds are not so big inside it The seeds are so thin and soft No need to peel these seeds These will get roasted with the peels And you will enjoy it a lot Put the flame little high And we will stir it continuously You can see, like here these are roasted Seeds are roasting in the OTG also as I can heard the sound So the seeds are also roasting in the OTG Now I will stir those seeds also See! it starts getting brown now See! By roasting the seeds in OTG, it took less time to get roasted Because these seeds get heat from upper and lower both sides So it takes less time in OTG And in the frying pan it will take little more time to get roasted See! Seeds are roasted from both sides And the aroma spreads all around.

These seeds are not bitter but are very tasty If you will eat the raw seed by taking out from the Pumpkin Then you will find that the seeds have its natural sweetness Now we will take out them We will keep all the seeds for cooling down You can see, we had roasted all the seeds If the seeds will get fluffed like this Then it means that these are roasted so perfectly Its color may get little dark Or it should be dry properly before roasting Like the seeds which I roasted are little wet or it has moisture Then some seeds are fluffed and some are not But it will get dry if we will keep it for some time So you must be careful about this You can see, these seeds become so crispy and it tastes so good to See! So now we will put some Masala in it, First of all, put some Rock Salt in it As the Salt is present in the Chaat Masala So I will put some less Salt in it We will put Chili Flakes according to the taste You can give this to your kid in their lunch box also Then you can skip the Red Chili Powder in it Put some Mint Leaves Powder Put some Black Pepper Powder Now we will mix all these And it is very good for tea time snacks In this way A recipe is ready from the waste product

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