Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

I’m kind of in the middle of acareer change right now going from mortgage banking to truck driving and I just got done spending a month out in Utah for my truck driver training got my license got back home and one thing I’m craving since getting back here is gonnabe some chicken wings now a lot of you guys know I’ll hook upsome chicken wings in my air fryer but we’re going old-school deep fried onthese the concept for these chicken wings is gonna be some Chinese lemonchicken wings now these are some packets that I get at my Asian market I’m prettysure you could buy them in a regular grocery store but the beauty of these isthe Asian market they’re like between 50 and 79 cents a pack depending on whatyou’re looking at typically what you’re gonna do is make your season yourchicken wings and then fry em then you’re gonna make the sauce out of thisout of these packets what I’m going to do is I’m going to use one-and-a-halfpackets of this well it’s like a powder they just turn into a sauce we’ll mixthat with some cornstarch get our chicken seasoned up in everything andthen.

I’m going to use another one and a half packs with some water that we’regonna make the sauce out of so one sauce packet equals a half cup of water so Ihave one and a quarter or excuse me I have 3/4 of a cup of water here thatwe’re gonna make with this sauce so let’s just go ahead and jump right innow the reason I’m gonna use the cornstarch on this is just to ensurethat they’re extra crispy when we’re done frying these so there’s one of ourpacks and let me tell you guys while I’m doing this and here’s a half the pack the otherhalf we’re gonna add to this water might as well add it now we are gonna bringthis to a simmer down the road those of you guys that are out there on thehighways and byways if your truck driver what’s up if you’re not a truck drivertrust me I learned real quick that trucks are not what you want to bearound when you’re driving on them highway so stay away if you’re gonnapass pass quickly let me get back to my topic all right we’ll mix this up lateras far as the corn starch goes I’m gonna add about a quarter so this is gonna be3/4 parts of this seasoning pack and then 1/4 of the corn starch maybe alittle bit more feel free to eyeball this is not gonna be one of thosetechnical dishes that really matters although I’m just gonna get this in heregive it a good shake I’ve already rinsed my chicken and it’s still moist so thisis gonna coat it really well once I am done coating it I’m gonna put it on asheet pan with some raised racks so it’ll get plenty of circulation aroundit and I’m gonna let these wings kind of dry off a little bit before we actuallyget them in our oil now you’re not gonna need to watch me put these on a sheetpan it’s just gonna be that simple we’re just gonna put them right on the sheetpan so when I’m done mixing these up and these have gone in the refrigerator forabout 45 minutes we’ll return and get these in that oil I hadn’t planned on actually bringingyou guys in while.

I put these wings on this sheet pan but the color that thatthose packets turning these chickens I just had to let you guys see that is abeautiful look in some beautiful looking color right there so while I’m doingthis might as well get in with a little story time so I’m back in Denver youknow today is Saturday I’m gonna be in Denver till about Monday or Tuesday I’mone day or Tuesday and this happens to be March 7th Ibelieve on Monday or Tuesday excuse me April 7th 2019 depending on when you’rewatching this Monday or Tuesday I’m gonna have a trainer come and pick me upand we’re gonna go ahead and get out on the road for 30,000 miles once I’m donewith that that should complete my training and then it will be time for meto get out on my own anywayI will finish getting the rest of these wings on another sheet panget him in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes to an hour ish and then we’ll beready to go ahead and cook him on up I was able to allow this coating to sit onthese chicken wings for about an hour and a half they’re kind of dried out butnot super dry we’re gonna go ahead and fry these up I have my oil at about 345350 degrees so we’re just gonna drop them in it’s probably gonna take a fewdifferent batches to cook all these plus I have a little bit more out there.

I don’t have another pan so we’re probably going to be throwing these on a papertowel to kind of drain off when we’re done it’s go ahead and get these in so these wings are looking nice andcrispy I’m gonna pull these out I will prefer to put this on something with themetal rack to allow this oil to drain but I don’t have one right now so I’mjust gonna improvise and throw them on this paper towel action let those kindof cool off I made you a short fry on these a second time because I am goingto get my second batch in here and this oil should be still pretty hot so I’mjust gonna throw it in right now and it is hot enough once these are donegetting to us we’re gonna throw that sauce on that I have getting cheated upon the stove and it should be a wrap this second batch is almost done thisother batch has been sitting here for about 10 minutes we’re gonna throw thesewings back in here just to reheat them grab our sauce off the stove then we’llget these things soft stuff and see what we think had a chance to let this sauce cool offjust a little bit I’m gonna get our wings in I’m gonna try to go with equalflats and drums I’m not gonna do a huge batch to begin with I still have more tocook skip this sauce on here don’t want to over saturate them let me check thatsauce that’s some good sauce right there all right got those tossed in I’m gonnaget a plate plate these up take a picturetaste it and see what’s up all right so this is a wrap theydefinitely look good to me time to get in see what’s up them packets on thislet’s dig in oh yeah so that coating w

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