flat iron steaks how to cook

flat iron steaks how to cook

Hello. so then talk us through the prep. Prep on these, we’re going to keep it really simple ‘cos this is a cut of meat that you can get from your local butcher that’s got fantastic flavour. So we’re going to sprinkle on some sea salt, got some Maldon sea salt here, sprinkle from a height, it just means it goes a little bit more evenly dispersed. If you sprinkle closer to then you can end up with some really concentrated areas. Freshly cracked black pepper and then just drizzle on some rapeseed oil. And then as I’ve done the first side and I’m just going to work it over a little bit, would you be able to do the second side for me? So we’ve done this cut in demonstrations, as we’ve just been talking about,  I don’t think. This is a cut of meat off the fore-quarter of the beast, it’s generally in this… It’s more of a North American cut than a UKcut, really it’s coming into the UK market as of the last 2 – 3 years. Go to your butchers, ask them for it, if they don’t have it ask them for the next week if they can get you some. There’s literally about 16 of these would come off one animal, so really not that much and it’s a working muscle so, therefore, you have to treat it like steak anglette, bavette steak, skirt steak, flank steak, you can take it past medium, you have to cook it really hard and fast.

What we’ll do, we’ll just take some of the non-stick sprays, give that a spray on the cooking grate. In this BBQ you have got the fuel set up in the left half, ‘cos these may need a little bit of indirect cooking once we’ve got them cooked on the outside. We’ve got a nice sizzle there, there we go thank you. Lid down, again we always grill with the lid down on the Webers ‘cos it keeps the heat in, you cook your food quicker, you reduce flare-up and you’re going to get that beautiful smokey flavour as well, so 3 reasons to keep your lid down on your BBQ and on a day like today when it’s a little bit breezy you really want to keep that heat in so it helps to cook it quickly. We’re going to give that about 2 – 2.5 minutes on the first side then we’ll check it’s ready to turn over and we’ll come back. Alright. Let’s have a look, let’s turn it over, let’s see if they’re ready to turn over. So it comes away nice and easily, a nice bit of colour on there, a nice bit of caramelisation, really quick and simple. Let’s get that lid back down again, another couple of minutes and we’ll move to the area of indirect heat if we need to do. So the steaks had the second side, it’s had the same amount of time on the second side. OK. And we just proved it, it’s roundabout 46- 47, so if we just drag that over to the area of indirect heat and then in this dish we’ve just got the asparagus which we just drizzled with some rapeseed oil and sprinkled with some salt and pepper. So while the flat irons are just having a little bit of an indirect cook through that can just grill off, lid down, I’m thinking another 3 minutes, we’ll take the asparagus off when it’s ready and then we’ll be ready to temperature the steaks to end with.

Looking forward to this. Let’s have a check on our steaks, asparagus is looking nicely grilled, so temperature probe in, this one here’s roundabout 51 – 52so it’s more kind of a medium-rare and this one here, let’s have a look at this one, this is 55 – 56 so it’s approaching medium, 57, so what we’ll do, we’ll just grab our tongs and the steak they can go onto there, there we go, and we’ll just grab these as well, if I can, let’s take that lid off. Here we go. And we’ve used the charcoal, lump wood, lump wood charcoal and that ‘s just because it lasts. If you just put one lot it will last about50 minutes to an hour or so, by the time you’ve finished cooking it’s naturally going to expire anyway. Particularly if you are out and about and you don’t want that heat to stay in there too long. Normally you’d let this rest, it goes without saying, it’s your medium part if you leave it on one side longer than the other when it’s on the direct heat that will become offset so moving it to the area of indirect heat you keep that even-ness in the centre and the heat will just work it’s way all the way through to the centre and to the temperature that you’re looking for. Really simple quick dish, nice and healthy, you can put a really nice green salad with this as well, just something nice, quick, easy, mid-week or weekend and away you go, so that’s kind of our medium-rare, and if we slice into this one. If you haven’t tried this, we’ve tried this before, haven’t we?

A few times. If you haven’t tried this then definitely get down to your local butcher and ask them for some flat iron steak and as I say their skirt steak and the bavette steak also works just as well. So once we’ve got this all the way through. I’ll leave those little bits for ourselves. and just tumble this, this is a really nice little sharing board platter so just tumble the ribbons and then we’ll scatter that, sprinkle some of those across, leave some of those on the side and a little bit of the salsa Verde. Just drizzle, drizzle, drizzle from a height. Some may say, so there you go. That is our flat iron steak with griddled asparagus and salsa verde. So if you want to know more about this recipe we’ve just cooked visit our website:hayesgardenworld.co.uk. If you want to know more about the BBQs we’ve used today visit The Barbecue Shop here at Hayes Garden World. We are across all the social media platforms if you do create these dishes make sure you tag us in the images and we can see and share all the images, we’re always keen to see people’s results.

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