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Easy Air Fryer Fish Tacos

What is up everybody this is Lyle no hippie barbecue and what I’m be doing today is I’m be making some fish tacosand we’re gonna be using my air fryer now some of you guys know that I wentfrom being a mortgage banker to be in a truck driver recently so I’ve beentrying to come up with some recipes that I could cook while I’m out there on theroad now these recipes aren’t going to be as sophisticated  I think this is gonna come in handy for people they come home fromwork that have limited time or they just don’t want to cut up a bunch ofvegetables and looking for a quick and easy way to do things so I think thisrecipe is gonna be great for that so let’s get in take a look at theseingredients and talk about a few things that I’m changing so here’s theingredients we’re going to need for these easy fish tacos first of allinstead of cutting our own cabbage and all that kind of stuff we’re just gonnause a bag cabbage that you would buy this already pre-made so typically Iwould be making fish tacos with sliced onions and jalapenos as much as I’d likeit we’re not gonna be able to get into that in this recipe instead of buyingand using fresh avocados what we’re gonna be using is this holy guacamoleit’s already a premade guacamole and actually this tastes really good it doesnot have that preservative taste like you find in a lot of those avocados thatare already pre-made this is going to come in handy for saving some time nowwe’re also going to be using some Mexican crema this could be sour creamor even mayonnaise and this is going to be part of our slaw mixture as wellrather than using fresh limes save a little bit of time let’s go ahead anduse the lime juice in a bottle the street tacos we’re going to be usingtypically.

I like the corn tacos or you know the corn tortillas but what’s goingto happen is you’re going to spend a little bit of time cooking those off sorather than worrying about that all I need to do is throw these in theairfryer for a little bit once we’re done cooking everything and warm them upthat’s great we have some cilantro I love fresh cilantro but youknow it when I’m out on the road I’m not gonna be able to buy any fresh cilantroand if you’re cooking this at home and you don’t you want to save the time forinstant chopping it all that if you go to Walmart do not go to the spicesection where they sell salt pepper all that if you go to the Mexican sectionyou can buy this dried cilantro this here if you buy it from the spice rackit’s costing like almost five dollars this was 79 cents get some of that nowto save time with spices normally I would get a little deeper in my spicesbut just go with any all-purpose spice you know I’m using slap your mama but ayou know seasoned salt or something like that would work just as well or evenjust salt and pepper to save a bunch of time rather than battering our own fishor coating our own fish we’re going with the frozen fish now the Gorp theGorton’s has this type here that is not minced and they also have the mincedfish sticks that are a little bit less  it’ll still work if you ifyou don’t but it works even greater if you have a chance to make the slaw andlet it sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour let’s get to it we need todo is we need to come up with our slaw mix so what we’re gonna do is we’regoing to combine our guacamole with some with our crema like.

I’m makingabout four times as much as I would be making on the road if I was making thison the road I probably make enough for two or three tacos thisis probably going to be enough for about six to eight tacos what I’m looking todo is combine this until it’s almost the thickness of like a thin sour creamalmost all right so we got that avocado crema mixed together we’re going withsome lime juice and we’re just eyeballing this this isn’t a recipewhere you’re gonna be up there looking up ingredients and house and things likethat hit it with a little bit of seasoning like I said I’m using a slapyour mama use whatever you’d like and I would really like to add some jalapenosand stuff but I’m trying to like I said keep this very simple you have ourcilantro sugar all right slim taste this that is perfect now really all we needto do I mean this is as complicated as it gets because once we get the slawmade all we need to do is throw our fish in the air fryer for maybe 12 14 minutesand that’s a wrap so let’s get our slime without trying to get it everywhere Imay not use this whole bag I think that’s enough right there so I’m justgonna go whole we have I’m gonna get this in the refrigerator I’m gonna letit chill out for about an hour and a half two hours and we’ll get to the restof this we’re gonna do is try to follow the oven instructions for these fishsticks as close as possible what they’re suggesting is 450 degrees for a total of7 or 15 to 17 minutes flipping in 10 minutes what I’m gonna do is go with ourhighest temperature just 400 degrees and then we’ll checkthem in 10 minutes and flip them if we need to so let’s get with that all rightlet’s get it in 400 degrees we’ll check it in 10 minutes about 10 minutes in onthis I’m gonna pull them out check them and see we’re looking like and actuallythese are pretty crispy rather than flipping I’m just gonna give them ashake.

I don’t think this diva needs that so I’m gonna go another 10 minutes andthese should be done we’ll be ready to hook up these fish tacos these dicks arecompletely done in 15 minutes and what I’m gonna do since this is justme right now is I’m gonna throw one tortilla in here just to warm it up andI’m gonna let that go for about a minute and half two minutesso these fish sticks and the tortilla are good to gowhen I pull out my tortilla and I don’t know let’s just go for two of these fishsticks and put together one of these tacos and I will be plating these thingsup a little bit better but I just wanted to get right into these right nowI think one and a half of those would be perfect on this just gonna hit it with alittle bit of hot sauce and like I said these would be really good with somesalsa or something like that but like I said try to keep this easy and as you’llsee later these things are gonna plate up nicely let’s get in listen whetheryou’re a truck driver or a busy mom or whatever it is if you’re looking forsomething quick and easy listen go get you some fish sticks some pre-baggedcabbage and make up this slaw quick and easy meal anyway for those of you guyschecking me out on no hippie truckin in transport.

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