3 Delicious Ways to Use your Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds

3 Delicious Ways to Use your Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds Hi, it’s Emma with really simple recipes and today we going to make pumpkin soup not only I’m going to show you how to make pumpkin soup we are going to be doing something with our seeds as wellso we’re going to be roasting them and I’m also going to show you what to dowith your pumpkin flesh if you’ve got too much of it so I’m going to show you how to do that and that doesn’t involve a littlefurry friend so please do stay tuned bear with me on this one it may get alittle bit mix and match just roll along but hopefully it all come togetherat the end okay I’ll go through these ingredientswith you first of all so we have some veg stock a tin of coconut milk salt andpepper cayenne pepper chili powder some garlic cloves onion and you’re mainthe ingredient pumpkin we’re going to make a start without pumpkin so we’regonna deseed and deflesh our pumpkin we’re going to separate the both that wewant to keep the seeds they’re really good to use as a topper and also as asnack and I will show you how we’re gonna be roasting them later.

so I’mgoing to crack I’m going to get started with this bad boy so my pumpkin is now in half as you can see all the seeds and flesh sowhat we’re going to do it’s a really good way to get these seeds in thequickest way okay it spoon quite a big spoon and scrape the inners that way itall just comes loose and it takes no time at all then and then grab with your hand and cut up lotsof seeds in here looking forward to these you see there now that the seeds are allout i’ve got rid of all that stringy flesh so that all I’m left with is thebody of the pumpkin the fleshy part and what I’m gonna do I’m gonna pop thisinto the oven now I’ve got my oven unto a gas mark 5 and I’m gonna pop it in foraround 30 minutes 45 minutes depending on your size depends on how long thistakes and what that mean it means that I’ll beable to peel it easier and chop it up easy it just makes my life a little biteasier while we are waiting for the Pumpkin what we’re going to do now we’regoing to make a start on our other ingredients in the soup as I say it’sreally simple soup to make it’s gluten free because I’ve used a gluten freestock for this recipe and I’m going to be using my one pot cooker as you can seehere absolutely brilliant got your saute is the soup lots of different optionsthat’s why I like to use it because I like to be able to saute my vegetablesin here first and then transfer it over to the soup setting and make my soupthat way I’m using more pot hence the word one pot and I’m keepingmy kitchen as clean as possible by using just one piece of equipment in mykitchen.

so let’s make a start then so we’re going to start with a sauteingoption so it’s good clip it on saute and we’re going to saute our onions you mayhave seen my other recipes so you may have noticed not and have a look somereally good ones on there for you I’m gonna sort of tell you a little bitdifferently inside so you know that I don’t want to use oils so what my neveruse instead of oils I’m gonna be using my veg stock so normally I would use mywater but this time I’m going to be using my veg stock as a sauteing tooland what we’re going to do we’re just going to pop our onion in first of allI’ve just sliced my onion up just to make a little bit easier just to softenthem off am I going to put a little bit of veg stuck in there as well sameprinciples as we’ve done before make sure that you keeping some water inthat pot we don’t want it to dry out this way we keeping the soup nice andhealthy we’ve got no unhealthy fats in thereno unhealthy oils it’s gluten free it’s nutritious which is what we’re looking for this soup you never got such anamazing vegetable that we’re using with this soup pumpkinyou know why spoil it with things that we don’t need I just wish that pumpkinwas something that I could get all year-round in the UK it’s amazingvegetable it’s so nutritious you know there’s so many health benefits.

3 Delicious Ways to Use your Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds Next ingredient we will add is your coconut milk like a decoration on the tops do a little swirlacross give it that aesthetic appeal 3/4 of the tin if you want your soup thicker youcan get the coconut cream and for this I’m using just the coconut milk but youcan get your coconut creams and we’re just gonna leave that to simmerI’m gonna check our pumpkin now to see if it’s ready to be taking out the ovenpeeled and chopped okay so I don’t if you seem they’re pressing but it’slovely and soft it’s what we’re looking with our pumpkin it’s a littlebit too hot to handle at the moment so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna pop it overto one side just let that cool down and we’ll prep our pumpkin seeds cuz theoven is already nice and warm and we’ll get them into the oven okay Ineed a bigger table it’s not big enough okay so my pumpkin seed so what Ive done see i rinsed my pumpkin seeds I’ve got rid of all the fibers there thanwhat it’s you and there might be a few in there we need to remove as we go along they’ve all been donenow so they’re nice and clean nicely washed the best way to do it isto wash them in a colander because it releases all the fibers from yourpumpkin seeds so now we just need to dry these offseason them and get them into the oven Im going to get a bit of kitchen towel and pop my seeds onto the kitchen towel I can just double check that I’ve gotall my fibers off as well there we go just try them off a little bitmake sure they’ve got any loose fibers off there we go has a few in there whereis this good Give them a good dry theseare so nice to snack on I love pumpkin seeds.

3 Delicious Ways to Use your Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds So nice it’s a shame youcan’t get pumpkin all year round and then you get pumpkin puree in America but it’s something that it’s not available in the UKunfortunately, ok with regards to seasoning my pumpkin seedsthis is totally your preference what you prefer so I’m going to be season in minein the same way I’ve seasoned my soup I’m going to put a little bit chilipowder a little bit of cayenne pepper a bit of salt and a bit of black pepperas well there you go there’s my seeds Iall depumpkin so what imgoing to do now is I amgoing to add a tiny bit of oil and I mean a tiny bit of oil it just helps toroast them a little bit oil and a little bit of smush A little bit of salt on there and a little bit of black pepper This is your preference you can just stick with saltand pepper I just want them nice flavors with mysoup on my pumpkin seeds it’s a little bit of chili powder on there and finalone a little bit of cayenne pepper and then what im going to do is give it a mix toast as I say you are going to get messyI love messy recipes it is so much fun and we want to try and get them separated aspossible on your tray spread them out so that I’m using the same temperature as Idid my pumpkin I’m using a gas mark 5 you’re looking for about 15minutes just to roast off but keep an eye on them especially if you’ve had apumpkin in there before your oven might be a good temperature already how nicethey look perfect nicely roasted go the flavours on there lets try one that’s so nice you cannot beat roasted pumpkin seedsthey are lovely. 3 Delicious Ways to Use your Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds

Okay that’s one bad boy done weneed to peel the other now yeah I’m definitely gonna have too muchpumpkin but it’s fine this is why I’m gonna skip if you skiplook at that this shows how easy it is to peel thepumpkin like this, look at that comes off easy this is what I mean look at thoselittle puppies this standing here waiting for his pumpkin since a as I mentionedearlier we’re looking for a 900 and fifty grams of pumpkin I think I’ve gotloads more thats 703 cut this in half a little bit too much, take a bit off, there we go that’ll be fine for what we need and I have got anotherhalf a pumpkin as well so I’m gonna puree the pumpkin or seconds but it’sstill I’m gonna make a couple of batches of soup it’s good to keep in the fridgefor about three to four days it’s good way to prep up some recipes, so we’re going toleave that on for about 10 and 15 minutes just to get the flavors mixedtogether and soften that pumpkin that a little bit more and then we’ll get theimmersion blender and turn it into a soup, you can see that soup it’slovely and orange now the pumpkin has started to fall to pieces so it’s aperfect consistency now for us to start blending I’m gonna start to blend oursoup now so I have my trusty immersion blender please be careful it’s going tobe very hot and I don’t want anybody hurting themselves while they’re doingthemselves take your time make sure the immersion blender is in therecompletely so that you don’t burn yourself.

I’m gonna give this a littlebit of try see what the flavours are like it’s nice and smooth which is whatI like that’s good soup that has really nice good kick to it as well a nice andspicy which is what I like if it is it you don’t like spice just cut out thechili you don’t need to add the chili that’s just my personal preference butthat is a really nice soup that is lovely and it’s as simple as thatpumpkin soup we’ve made our pumpkin soup, we’ve roast ourpumpkin seeds as a topper for our soup what we’re going to do now so nutritious it’s really good specially if they’ve got a bit of adodgy tummy because it’s really good for their digestive system a friend of minewho works for Frank and Jellys has recently just released an e-book onpumpkin recipes so this is one of them that I took from there and all we’regoing to do is puree our pumpkin and then we’re going to freeze it so I’mgoing to do a batch of myself because there is another recipe that I’m goingto be doing for next week which uses pumpkin puree and that’s a bit of asweet recipe so if you’ve got a sweet tooth please keep an eye out for thatnext week okay let’s get going so it’s really simple we’re just going topop our pumpkin in here and I’m not going to use this all either 3 Delicious Ways to Use your Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds  I’m goingto make another batch of pumpkin soup it’s really good just pop in the freezer I don’t want too much in there because one make sure we can blend whys everything I do so messy.

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